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When I first had the idea to start Undercover Recruiter, that idea was sparked by a frustrated observation: people wanting to get ahead in their careers needed information that they didn’t have. Traditional resources were out of date and out of touch, and real-world recruiters weren’t telling them. I began to imagine how powerful it would be to arm those people with that information; how it could fundamentally level the playing field and change the way people compete for jobs, forever.

So, I started writing. As I wrote, I realized that I wanted to help more people, sooner. I started to blog about some of the topics I was writing about, making some of that information available earlier (and for free), and that’s when this website was born.

But I continued to work on the book, and I’m excited to say that it’s ready.

In it, you’ll find deeper dives on everything I talk about here, along with much more: step-by-step instructions for some of the more tactical elements of the job search, sample scripts and templates, and thought-starter questions that will give you everything you need for the most successful job or career change you’ve ever navigated.

Of course, you’ll also find a lot more of the same insights I share here from the recruiter’s side of the table. The honest, unvarnished truth that no one else is sharing with you about what we’re thinking and looking for.

I’m on a mission to make the best possible job search advice available at a cost that’s accessible to everyone. This book will be – hands-down – the most valuable investment for the dollar you can make in your future career.

Are you ready to become a more competitive candidate, get more interviews, and get the job you really want? To earn more and find the happiness in your work you’ve been looking for? Check it out on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Reviews from readers:


As a mid-forties career woman who has been working steadily since her late teens, I really didn’t think I had anything to learn, until I read this. I have been surprised by the things I didn’t realize, and looking back, on the mistakes I have made on resumes, and in interviews. It all makes so much sense, now that I know. -AT


Wow. Just WOW. It was eye opening for me to think about how recruiters who deal with hundreds of resumes really have to operate, and this is the type of advice that people will invest in. Smart, academic people like to think that they understand how to write a resume based on what they were taught years ago. Even updated resources are so plain WRONG that we are misled. This book is going to be a game changer for many. -LR