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Job Search Coaching


Ever wish you had your own personal job-search coach? Someone in your corner, helping you be the best you can be, so you can get your next job, sooner? Most importantly, someone who really knows the ropes – knows what recruiters and hiring managers are really thinking when they look at your resume and cover letter, and when they interview you?

I’m making some time in my schedule for this (why? Because I think more people can and should pursue happiness), and while I won’t have the capacity to work with everyone, I just might be able to help you. How am I different? I’m not a full-time coach. My support and advice is always informed by current, real-world hiring experience.

Some of the things that I may be able to assist with:

  • Resume and cover letter improvement
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Application targeting
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews

If you’re interested in exploring this, send me an email¬†explaining your situation and what kind of assistance you need. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know – one way or the other – whether I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash