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Job Search Network Tracker

If you’re actively on the market, you can’t afford to scramble for an important piece of information when you need it. Cold calls, warm calls, job postings … this simple tracker will help you capture all the most important information in one convenient place. Contact information, company research, referrals you receive, even whether you should send a thank you note (and a reminder that you did!).

Download and print as many as you need here.

Job Search Success Weekly Planner

When you’re on a full-time job search, it pays to organize your time just as you would in your full-time job. This planner will help you do exactly that. Reviewing job postings, doing company research, preparing and practicing for interviews, targeting applications, and networking are the critical elements of a job search. Use the quick abbreviations or the colour-coding system to plan out your week to make sure you’re hitting each one. Check the box in the corner when you’ve done what you committed to do.

On the back, you’ll find a ‘debriefer’, to help you reflect and refine your approach, and get better with each week … shortening the time between today and day one of your next job.

Download and print as many as you need here.