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Attract and engage candidates with a ready-to-publish content library for your recruiting firm!


What is it?


Your content library consists of 20 articles covering each aspect of the job search (you can see the complete outline here). Each article is 750-1250 words, a perfectly-sized piece of content, easy for jobseekers to read and absorb. The entire library – approximately 20,000 words – is delivered with each article as a separate .doc, making it simple to copy and paste into your CMS.

The articles are professionally written in a knowledgeable, informative, and engaging style. The author is a freelance writer with over 25 years of experience in recruiting – both agency and in-house – and hiring top talent. But since it’s ghostwritten, the content will appear written by your own experts.

Having the content written from ‘scratch’ would cost well into the thousands of dollars*. I’ve kept the cost manageable by creating a framework that – relatively quickly – I can modify so that it’s unique to your firm and your candidate audience. Get in touch for pricing information.


Why do you need it?


Candidates visiting your site are hungry for information and tips to help them compete better for the jobs they want. This plug-and-play library makes it easy to give them exactly what they’re looking for. In doing so, you’ll …

  • Improve your site’s SEO with pages of high-value, authoritative content
  • Encourage candidates to spend more time and visit more pages on your site
  • Create an incentive for candidates to act (e.g. create a profile, upload a resume, sign up for emails)
  • Position your firm as a valuable informational resource for candidates in your area of expertise
How can you use it?


Once purchased, you have an unlimited license to use the content as you see fit. Deliver it using the strategy that’s best for you; the choice is yours. You can:

  • Create a separate page on your site for each topic
  • Publish it all at once, or in stages to keep people coming back
  • Offer content as ‘gated’ downloads as an incentive for candidates to act (upload resume, create profile, etc.)
  • Link to the content to increase engagement on and drive traffic from social media
  • Share the content in emails to engage candidates on your email list
  • Share excerpts on your social media platforms
How do you get it?


It’s simple. Drop me a line to let me know you’re interested. We’ll have a quick discovery call of about 30 minutes so that I can get a sense for your firm’s brand positioning and voice, and any aspects of your process that would affect the content.

I’ll take that information, and in a matter of days, I’ll deliver your entire content library, customized to your audience, incorporating your brand assets, and tailored to your firm and your areas of expertise.



*That said, my rates for custom freelance writing are pretty reasonable, too. You can find more about that here.



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