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Resume Review


Would it help you to have a thorough and honest review of your resume by a veteran with 25+ years of experience as a recruiter and hiring manager?

I don’t offer resume writing services. I prefer to help people like you understand how to make your own resume better by giving you good, solid feedback – concrete suggestions for improvement that are easy to follow – and explaining the rationale behind those suggestions. When it comes to resume review, I don’t give ‘cookie-cutter’ advice; everything I recommend is specific to your resume.

I do this because I care and want to help, because I think more people can and should pursue happiness in their work and their career.

To get started, just email a copy of a recent resume and cover letter (and – if at all possible – the job posting it was used to apply for). There’s no commitment at this stage. I’ll take a quick look and let you know within 24 hours if I can help. I’ll tell you the sections where I see some opportunities for improvement, and the fee I would charge for doing so (which typically ranges between $50-150CDN).

If you’d like to move ahead, we’ll commit to a timeline (my current turnaround is about 3 working days), and arrange for payment. The document you’ll receive (which tends to be 2-3 pages long) will be full of clear, easy-to-follow suggestions for making your resume stronger and more competitive. As you put those recommendations into action, you can email revisions and additional questions to me anytime.

Whether it’s a review, a renovation, or an all-out rescue, I make two commitments. First, if I don’t think I can provide enough quality feedback to be valuable – if your resume’s already in good shape, for example – I’ll tell you that upfront, and I don’t charge a cent. Second, if I can help, following the recommendations will make every one of your applications stronger … helping you get your next job faster.

“You’re the one I have to thank for the interviews in the first place as you helped me to overhaul my resume about a month ago. I went from very few people even getting back to me to having five reach out to me over the last three days. I definitely appreciate your advice. Thanks!”

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash