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Need Content?

Do you need authoritative and engaging HR, recruitment, and talent acquisition content? I’m a skilled and knowledgeable Human Resources content writer. Whether you need an article, a blog, some website or marketing copy, or a compelling newsletter, I can help.

My primary areas of focus as a content writer are recruitment, careers, and the employment landscape, plus related subjects such as leadership and management. Within and around those topics, I can provide you with ghostwritten thought leadership and insights, blogs and opinion pieces, or fully researched articles with sources. I can also offer marketing copy in some circumstances.

My past and current clients include:

  • Recruitment firms in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia
  • A range of related HR service companies around the world
  • Associations such as TechServe Alliance

I’ve also written under my own byline for several online properties, including RecruitingDaily.

References and testimonials are available upon request, and you can download a PDF with writing sample extracts here.

Although my focus is recruitment and talent acquisition, I’ve also led organizations in senior roles including VP and CEO. As such, I’ve had exposure to team leadership and management, in sectors as diverse as technology, associations, and academia. I’ve had the opportunity to draw on these experiences creating content for some companies, and I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity to do the same for you.

Need content? Get in touch, let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.


Do you have a recruiting business? I’ve created a way for you to access a 20-article candidate content library for your firm, at a very reasonable cost. You can find more on that here.



A few testimonials …

“Alan is an exceptional contract writer who is knowledgeable about the IT Staffing industry and possesses expertise in various other sectors as well. He is a long-standing partner with TechServe Alliance, delivering exceptional marketing services tailored to our needs in digital marketing strategies, content creation, and SEO solutions that enhance TechServe Alliance’s online presence, engagement, and member outreach. He is nothing short of phenomenal in his craft and is known for his lightning-fast work pace. His portfolio speaks for itself, as he has successfully crafted numerous blogs, case studies, and articles on a wide range of topics. Furthermore, he has experience conducting interviews and transforming the insights gained into engaging written content. Alan’s commitment to delivering high-quality work is unmatched, and I believe that his skills and expertise could be a valuable asset to your team should the need for a talented contract writer ever arise.”


“Alan was easy to work with and took the time to understand the challenge before tackling it. He presented himself professionally, created a welcoming space for open feedback and he offered realistic opinions based on his personal experiences. It was those experiences I sought him out for and that personal opinion which tipped the scales for my project to go from being good to sounding exactly as I needed it to – like it had heart and came from a professional in the industry, something I am not quite. If you need a professional to help you convey your specific needs on an HR topic, Alan is your guy.”


“Absolutely fantastic. Wow, does this writer have talent or what? He understood the brief, made it super engaging, and threw in some real reliable sources. I will 100% be using his content writing services again. Trust me if you are looking for a content writer – he is your guy!”


*PS: I don’t actually write on an old-timey antique typewriter, as awesome as that would be.

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash