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Hidden in Plain Sight

person behind a mask for the hidden job marketThere is no such thing as a hidden job market. There, I said it.

I’m subscribed to an email newsletter, and the last one I got had two articles that caught my eye. One promised to ‘dispel modern job search myths’. Another offered the chance to learn how to ‘hack the hidden job market’.

Oh … the irony. The hidden job market is a myth. Read More

Body Language: What messages are you sending?

figure showing body language in an interviewBody language is an important consideration in a job interview. Yours, primarily, but also that of your interviewers. I’d like to share with you a few of the main things you should focus on. These are all elements of body language that can influence decisions about candidates. Decisions that – in some cases – can make a difference between going on to additional interviews (and a possible hire) … or not. Read More

Even a Monkey Knows …

monkey in the treesEven a monkey knows that it’s only fair to offer equal pay for equal work. How come some employers can’t figure it out?

There are some interesting shifts happening right now in the way people are paid for the work they do. I’m not sure where it will leave everyone when it all comes out in the wash. In the meantime, it’s creating confusing and conflicting situations for employees and employers alike, and creating a logistical nightmare for HR professionals. Read More

Remote vs. In-Office: Why not both?

chessboard battleA growing number of employers are acting as though the pandemic is well and truly in the rear view mirror (the question of whether that’s true from a public health standpoint is one that I won’t get into here). More and more employees are being asked to return to their physical offices, and there are some interesting views emerging. Read More